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In 2016, Ford commenced its Random Audit Process, subsequently releasing reports and videos outlining the most common charge backs experienced by dealers.  As expected, most of the car dealership warranty audits results run concurrent with what we typically find and appropriately correct when working to maximize financial returns while processing warranties for our dealership clients.

Laundry List of Mistakes

The audit consisted of 51 random samples with 28 requiring follow-up audits, 8 allegation audits and 87 audits in total.  The results included a myriad of  what are considered “top findings” that include  dealerships not following up-to-date service publications or repair protocol, unauthorized add-on repairs, improper SLTS/Labor Operations/Sublet, not following Time Recording Notification requirement, missing files and/or records retentions, repeat repairs, insufficient documentation, damaged parts (not defective), unauthorized replacements and circumvented certifications.

It’s integral to remember that for full reimbursement, dealerships are responsible for ensuring diagnosis and repairs are 100 percent compliant with warranty and  technical information and.  Additionally, Ford will specifically provide reimbursement for cost effective repairs using approved repair techniques and parts.

Most Common Errors

Though there are a plethora of complex instructions and requirements required, the five most common mistakes leading to valuable reimbursement funds slipping through the cracks are:

  • No parts charged out or repair or wrong part
  • No Ford coverage found
  • No required “Cost Cap Analysis”
  • No technician time recording
  • Technician failed to state that they checked OASIS for applicable bulletins

Keeping up with the requisite requirements for reimbursement can be a complex task.  Lead by Charlie “Mr. Warranty” Hoskins, Key Dealer Services’ experienced and standout team have been recognized by Ford Motor Company as a leader in maximizing returns.  Every month, our automotive warranty distributors process millions of dollars in warranty claims for dealerships of all sizes, all around the country.  Often, dealerships don’t realize they’re letting money they’re entitled to go uncollected and a lack of warranty education certainly plays a considerable part in the problem.  With the fluid training requirement needed to keep up with ever-changing protocol, we can assess your needs and start helping you collect the funds you work for.  Call us today at 866-891-7254.

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