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Technology has changed the way dealerships & their service departments train their employees in warranty. Charlie worked for years as a warranty trainer for Ford Motor Company, training all over the United States. Nowadays, manufacturers provide webinars and other forms of video training for employees of dealerships, but as Charlie states, unfortunately this education comes in the form of one way communication.

The benefit of hiring an experienced warranty trainer like Key Dealer Services is the ability to garner personalized answers to particular questions your employees may have, without stepping on any toes. In no way is Key Dealer out to make any employee look bad, just to help improve on anything you need. Call Us today to find out more about what we can do for you!

Our professionals can train your service personnel in all of the following areas:

  •         Labor Operations Procedures
  •         Factory Policy & Procedure Review
  •         Warranty Repair Order Submission & Correction
  •         Service Contract Submission and Correction
  •         Transportation Vehicle Inspection and Claim Submission

Our Trainer will also review any of the following according to your specific needs:

  •         Technician Cause and Correction and Time Punching
  •         Parts Department Material Return Procedure Review
  •         Repair Orders
  •         Warranty labor Rate Review
  •         Pre-Delivery Procedures
  •         Audit Readiness and Record Keeping Review

Plus Much More.