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Warranty Administrators

Highly Experienced

Here at KDS, our highly experienced warranty administrators are here to help your dealership with warranty claims and audits. With over 30 years of experience in the retail automotive industry, Charlie & his team can personally look at, check over, and go get the money for you.

We Back Up Our Word.

We are always here to help your dealership stay successful. Our team’s focus is to help your dealership get paid for what they deserve. When the big guys tell us we are wrong, we have the expertise to back it up, and show them we know what we are doing. We know what is covered. We know the details. Charlie has taught men and women all over the United States about warranty services.

Detail Orientated.

Your service department may be missing out on crucial details that Ford, GM, and other manufacturers will catch, causing your dealership dollars. Our professional warranty administrators will get your claims together and send them to manufacturers. They will maintain records for your dealership, which will show the claims received, any issues with any unclaimed claims, and how much the claims have been paid for.

Personal. Wherever You Are.

Charlie “Mr. Warranty” Haskins prefers to come spend time with your team in house, but we are able to remotely access your warranty info from our offices in New York. We can serve as the middleman, reviewing your process and showing you where you are missing out. The ROI is a no brainer, as hiring us to oversee all outgoing warranty claims actually works out to be CHEAPER than hiring someone in house.

Have questions? We are here for you! Our trained warranty administrators will happily help! One tiny paperwork slip up could cost you thousands of dollars, of money that should be going into your dealership!