Is Your Dealership Ready

For Manufacturer Warranty Audits?

Warranty Audits


With a slew of new changes in warranty policies and procedures, one of the biggest changes is the availability of new warranty audit tools. Many manufacturers are using new tools and operations to be able to hone in on every minute detail. Gone are the days of blaming mistakes on paperwork. These companies like Ford, Cadillac, GM, etc are sharpening their pencils to find your service department’s mistakes. 

So what if your dealership doesn’t have all your t’s crossed? Manufacturers will conduct allegation audits or false follow ups when mistakes are made. You will lose that money you should be getting back.

Key Dealer Services can provide warranty audits for Ford, GMC, Cadillac, Buick, Chevrolet, Chrysler, and other dealerships.. Anywhere! We can work remotely and check up on everything that goes through your service department, and keep your dealership on the up and up, saving you the hassle of another employee, and preventing the manufacturer from keeping your money due to a careless or incompetent  omittance. 

Call Mr. Warranty at 866-891-7254 for internal warranty audits today, and start saving your dealership money!